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Supplier Quality Requirements (CLCF 7.4-4 Rev H   08-09-2018)

CLC Engineering is a supplier of microwave connectors and shells to the aerospace and defense industry.
Because of the requirements that are mandated by this type of work we are obligated to pass on or flowdown
various provisions and requirements.


We require our Suppliers to:

  1. Adhere to applicable Federal, State and local laws including environmental and labor regulations such as
    heavy metal legislation, conflict minerals, non-discrimination in employment and child labor laws. In
    addition, because the components may be used in Europe, compliance to EU directives such as REACH
    and RoHS could be required.
  2. Right of Access: CLC, CLC customer(s), US Government and regulatory authorities (when applicable)
    have the right of access to the facility, sub-tier’s facility, all records and documents and may review/audit
    any facility and system contracted related to a purchase order  to establish conformance to applicable
    program and/or regulatory requirements.
  3. Only US citizens (lawful permanent resident) shall be permitted to work on our material from our purchase
    orders. Defense related items are subject to ITAR regulations.
  4. Disclosure of any technical data is prohibited.
  5. Seller shall not re-tender rejected work without our approval and disclosing the corrective action taken.
  6. Maintain a quality management system compliant to ISO 9000/AS9100.
  7. Packaging and Shipment - Suppliers must make sure that all products are properly packaged to prevent
    damage in transit. CLC requires levels and methods of packing and preservation of purchased articles that
    will assure safe arrival at our destination, in accordance with good commercial practices. Damaged articles
    received at CLC will be rejected as supplier’s responsibility.
  8. Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD): All suppliers are required to take necessary actions to prevent the
    occurrence of Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD). FOD is a substance, debris or contaminant alien to
    the article or item which would potentially cause damage. FOD prevention is to be implemented in all areas
    as applicable and FOD awareness is to be provided.
  9. Unless otherwise specified by drawing or purchase order, all parts must be received clean, that is, free
    from corrosion, dirt, contamination, cleaning solutions, lubricants, machine oils, residues, scaling, oxides,
    machine chips, burrs, … etc.
  10. All materials received at CLC shall be subjected to incoming inspection and acceptance upon receipt.
    A sampling plan may be used to determine acceptance or rejection. Unless otherwise specified, the
    Supplier is responsible for 100% compliance to all applicable drawing requirements.
  11. A first article inspection report (FAIR) following AS9102 format may be required if specified by the
    CLC purchase order.
  12. Certification of Compliance (C-of-C) required. The supplier shall verify conformance with all applicable
    requirements, specifications, drawings and listed quality requirements. Whenever a supplier provides
    a certification, it is our assurance that there is no counterfeit work being delivered to CLC Engineering.
    The following information should be included in the C-of-C:
    1. CLC Part Number and revision level if applicable.
    2. CLC Purchase Order number.
    3. Manufacturer’s Lot Traceability number
    4. Manufacturer’s / Supplier’s Part Number
    5.  Statement of compliance to all specifications. If DFARS is required (see #22 below) then
      include country of origin for materials.
    6. Date and authorized signature.
  13. In the event that work is subcontracted by the Supplier to another sub-tier supplier, all applicable
    (technical, quality and packaging) purchase order requirements must be flowed down to the
    sub-tier supplier, including key characteristics (when key characteristics are defined by CLC).
    Evidence of flowdown requirements shall be maintained and is subject to CLC review.
  14. CLC encourages our supply base to proactively contact us when more information is required,
    for continuous improvement ideas and where potential opportunities for improvement exist, or for
    detailed explanations of purchase order instructions, quality clauses, or anything related to a PO,
    potential PO or RFQ (Request for Quote).
  15. The supplier is required to use only CLC approved sources when specified on the CLC drawings,
    purchase specification or PO.
  16. Parts or products removed from the normal process flow must be positively segregated and
    clearly marked.
  17. Suppliers are to establish a traceability system that tracks components from raw material
    through completion. Records are to be maintained.
  18. All suppliers are required to notify the CLC buyer in writing when any of the following changes
    occur because they may impact our products:
    1. Change in product, either in design or process.
    2. Change of suppliers, sub-tiers or special process suppliers.
    3. Change to manufacturing facility location for suppliers and sub-tiers.
    4. Relocation of critical manufacturing machinery within the supplier’s facility or if relocated
      to a sub-tier or to a subsidiary facility.
    5. The transfer of any work (production or process) to a sub-tier or to a subsidiary facility.
  19. Suppliers are not permitted to ship any articles that do not fully comply with purchase order
    and drawing requirements without CLC written approval. If product has escaped the supplier’s
    facility and has shipped to CLC, the supplier is required to notify the CLC buyer within 2 business
    days in writing (email) after it has been confirmed that non-conforming product has been delivered
    to CLC. For product that has been found or suspected to be non-conforming prior to shipment to
    CLC, all requests for approval for Repair or Use-As-Is must be submitted in writing.
  20. Quality records shall be retrievable for a minimum of 10 years.
  21. The supplier shall strive to continually improve the effectiveness of their quality management
    system as it directly relates to providing On-Time Delivery of Defect-Free product to CLC. The supplier
    shall monitor all improvement activities and evaluate the effectiveness of the results.
  22. Suppliers are to ensure that persons in their organization are aware of their contribution to product
    conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.
  23. Suppliers are required to obtain and maintain raw material certifications for articles supplied. For metals,
    each mill CTR (Certified Test Results) must state country of origin. For BeCu (beryllium copper), SS
    (stainless steel), Tool Steel and Ti (titanium) DFARS requirements are necessary.
  24. An example of the flowdown of requirements that we experience can be seen in the Supplier Quality Manual
    found at: http://www.timesmicrowave.com/ under the Quality tab.
  25. DFARS 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting requires the following:

“(m)  Subcontracts. The Contractor shall—

             (1)  Include this clause, including this paragraph (m), in subcontracts, or similar contractual
instruments, for operationally critical support, or for which subcontract performance will involve covered
defense information, including subcontracts for commercial items, without alteration, except to identify the
parties. The Contractor shall determine if the information required for subcontractor performance retains its
identity as covered defense information and will require protection under this clause, and, if necessary,
consult with the Contracting Officer; and

             (2)  Require subcontractors to—

                     (i)  Notify the prime Contractor (or next higher-tier subcontractor) when submitting a request
to vary from a NIST SP 800-171 security requirement to the Contracting Officer, in accordance with
paragraph (b)(2)(ii)(B) of this clause; and

                     (ii)  Provide the incident report number, automatically assigned by DoD, to the prime
Contractor (or next higher-tier subcontractor) as soon as practicable, when reporting a cyber incident to
DoD as required in paragraph (c) of this clause.

 (End of clause)”.



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